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Tail Rotor Lube for UH-1 204 tailrotor

As noted in the maintenance section item Tail Rotor Lube ( 212 tail rotor ) The same thing happens to the ( 204 tail rotor ) of grease entering the gear box. There is no seal between the tail rotor pitch change shaft and the tail rotor output shaft. The lube chart says to hand pack the crosshead bearing every 100 hrs. As any one knows that has tried that is an impossible task. If when you are inspecting the tail rotor pitch change system, you remove the two bolts retaining the cross head to the slider with full left pedal or the sprocket turned fully clockwise you can pull the cross head off the bearing. Don’t lose the shim and you don’t have to take the bearing off the shaft. Not taking the nut and bearing off the shaft saves wear and tear of the hard ware and shaft. Rotate the sprocket counter clockwise and you can take the pitch change shaft with bearing still attached. To purge the bearing you clean out all the old grease from the crosshead, fill the cavity with new grease. Then using the pitch change shaft start the bearing in the crosshead and push being carefully to keep the bearing straight. This will purge all the old out and new grease in. then remove the shaft and bearing, carefully remove all the old grease that was purged. When you have completed your inspection and have the pitch change unit reinserted in the gearbox you can insert the pitch change shaft with the retainer plate and bearing attached through the output shaft and carefully rotate the sprocket slowly clockwise and engage the splines. When you are ready you can carefully install the crosshead on the bearing ( remember the shim ) and reattach to the slider. Your bearing is packed. The lube chart says you can put two shots in the crosshead fitting if conditions require. In normal operation you should not need to.

When you grease the bearing that way you will never see the grease show so people just keep pumping ( filling the gearbox ).

Pete Frinchaboy

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