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TT Straps Time Life

We received a question this week in regards to time life on TT Straps retirement life. When I looked at our old component sheets, we were running at 2400 hours but recalled a AD coming out in 2002 that changed the time life. Immediately forwarded question to Peter to get the rundown on the correct answer to this question:


A customer is looking to purchase a UH-1H which is operating in accordance with TCDS H3SO. This TCDS quotes the following requirement,


This model helicopter must be serviced and maintained in compliance with TM 55-1520-210-10 and

TM 55-1520-210-23. Repairs to be made in accordance with TM 55-1520-210-23. Component overhaul intervals and replacement times shall be in accordance with the TBO/Replacement schedule found in TM 55-1520-210-23, unless superseded by appropriate Airworthiness Directive. These and other applicable documents are specified in Richard’s Heavylift Helo, Inc. Instructions for Continued Airworthiness Report, Report No. 002 dated May 16, 2007.

Could you please confirm the retirement life of the Tension Torsion Straps P/N 204-310-101-101.

ANSWER: This is a very complicated question depending on what you are operating under. Are you a civil operator operating under an STC which will state the rules under which you must follow or a government agency under public use which you set your own requirements for continued safe flight.?

Either one if you are registered with the FAA and have an N number you must comply with Airworthiness Directive's. The AD 2002-20-01 is the one that applies to this question. In the supplementary information at the beginning of the Ad above the actual AD is clarifying Information. The AD has a list of part numbers covered in the AD for which the AD applies. In the supplementary information and mentions that strap part number 204-310-101-101 is not included.

If you are a public use operator and you choose to follow the military manuals the TM 55-1520-210-23-1 Table 1-8 time life for components shows only hours and no calendar of 2400 hrs.These would have to be Bell certified.

If you purchase straps from Airwoff Aerospace by the same part number they are certified under Airwoff's Aerospace time life requirements. weather you are civil or public use.

If you are Operating a UH-1 you should be using the TM's as the basis of your maintenance. These aircraft are military aircraft manufactured by Bell for the military and not Bell 204,205,210 or 212 aircraft. The military wrote the manuals not Bell. If I can be of more help E-mail me or call 916-837-9437


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