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Helicopters for Emergency Response

Helicopters are extremely beneficial in natural disaster situations, especially in areas that are hard to access due to tornado's, floods or hurricanes causing road less situations.  In the US we have many operators prepared to go the extra mile to assist in these emergency situations.  Experienced in working in high stress situations in the field they can help with rescues, emergency lift deliveries, power line construction and assisting in getting your crews to equipment to get Communications, Power or AC restored.    

Crews are Department of Interior authorization, have a full safety program and are prepared to work in the field for long periods of time.  We have access to multiple aircraft from all over the United States- from passenger carrying 135 operations to external lift helicopters that can lift from 1500 to 25,000 lbs with precision.  Everything from Bell 407's, UH-1's to CH47's are available to fit your needs.  Crews are self contained.
If you are seeking an aircraft for emergency relief, please fill out the form below and Operators who fit your needs will make contact within  24 hours to fulfill your needs.  We are working to make sure all request are responded to quickly and efficiently to insure you have the aerial assistance you need as soon as possible.
Please enter your Company Information, Location, Service you need the helicopter for along with your best contact number.  We will be in touch with you shortly.  You can also email UH1OPS@GMAIL.COM .

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Success! Message received. We will be in touch with you soon.

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