Angelo Villavicencio
Jun 12, 2018

Hanger Bearing Repack


Any of you have the dimensions or a foto of a hanger bearing repack special tool? I used to have it but donated it to my former mechanics out of Sinai, Egypt when I retired from the US Army. I have an old PM magazine of a highly machined metal special tool, but the one I am looking for was a simple one made out of plexiglass or sheetmetal.

Thank You, Angelo

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  • tata_bambi
    3 days ago

    Good day to all! I am one of the personnel maintaining UH-1H and we have 30 UH1s in our fleet. Does anybody have ideas or references why the Main rotor (metal) blades we procure and use has differences in weight and length? We are encountering problems on the matching of Main rotor blades as this will cause aircraft vibration. Some blades have different locations on where the trim tab is located. We will greatly appreciate your response.
  • Plane Pieces Inc
    Oct 2

    I have recently found a bunch of New Old Stock T53 Vane blades marked Huey Engine 1967. The part number is 1-140-211-16 - some with 16N. I have looked through a ton of T53 manuals but cannot find this part. If anyone has any information or a diagram showing this piece I would be very grateful and would be happy to send you a vane blade in return for your help. Attached is a photo of one. Thank You RT
  • Douglas Brumbaugh
    Jun 26

    Anyone have better troubleshooting information than the Army TM's? I am trying to find out why the fuel gauge goes to zero. I have checked all wires to the cannon plug. I have 115 volts to the gauge plug and the ground is good. Coaxes look ok but dealing with 1964 wiring. Any other guidance would be helpful.