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High Frequency Vibe in Pedals

Several years ago on another contract, we had a 212 that had come in after a day of flying with a logbook entry of “HIGH FREQ VIBRATION in PEDALS”. Maintenance was notified and investigated.

After a few minutes they notified QC (yours truly) to come out and verify the #2 hanger bearing MOUNT was loose from the tailboom.

What they had found was that the two left side bolts (bolts used in this particular case) had backed out enough, but still had the bolt heads safetied together, causing the mount to bounce up and down as the driveshafts rotated, causing the shims to wear away.

This had also been missed on several daily’s. Just an FYI for you guys. Hope this helps. The above photo was not the affected aircraft, photo used for illustration purposes only.

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