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Landing Gear Airframe Saddle Mounts

StartFragmentInspection of the airframe cross tube mounts is an item few people think about. They are easy to inspect by just looking at where the two meet. On the standard Huey cross tubes you could look at the clearance between the mount shoulders on the cross tube and the airframe. If they are near touching the airframe portion the mounts usually needs replacement. With the numerous manufactures making replacement cross tubes it is a little harder. If the instructions that come with the cross tubes are not followed it can be hard to detect problems. On the installation shown in the enclosed photo the clamps that hold the cross tube saddle were installed incorrectly so the wear could not be seen. The aircraft had to be jacked and the cross tubes lowered to identify the excessive wear. Needless to say this took some serious work. In one area where the airframe is worn through there are flight controls just above. I have heard people say oh we don’t want to look to close we might find something the aircraft is flying fine. I have seen Huey’s very poorly maintained fly and fly then some day they won’t. It’s cheaper in the long run to inspect and repair than replace the aircraft.EndFragment


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