GP Blade Tip Section Erosion  T53-L-703 model Gas Turbine

Reference cooled 1st GP Turbine Blade 1-100-362-06/08

Problem Statement

Air Technology Engines Inc. (ATE) has been communicating with Honeywell Engineering

since mid-2016 in reference to an observed deterioration/erosion of the cooled 1st GP

Blade Leading edge, outer, blade tip section. See attachment labeled GP Blade Tip

Erosion. This deterioration has been ATE observed in approximately 50% of the engines

received for a 2500-3000 hour inspection. The outer, leading edge, blade tip sections of

many/most blades are eroded through the parent metal exposing the internal blade

cooling core. The designed blade cooling is lost when the internal cooling core is

exposed to the gas path. All blades require replacement. The effect of this blade

internal cooling loss on other GP cooled turbine components is unknown at this time.

Background Information

The L13B model engines exhibited similar GP blade erosion in approximately 25% of the

engines returned for 2500 hour inspection and overhaul. ATE determined that by