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UH-1 Fuel and Oil Lines

"Here are some photos of the transmission oil line on the left side of the transmission.

The line has always gone around the back of the transmission and then back forward to attach at the left transmission wall.

This helped cause the problems with the quick-disconnects.

When I was at Cal Fire I introduced the idea of running the hose forward and down to the fitting, less bending and chance of chaffing.

To do this you have a 45 deg. fitting at the transmission if you don’t already have one.

With the 45 deg. you can replace it or the packing with the transmission installed, not so with a 90 deg. the hose with a 45 deg. on one end and a straight on the other.

You will need to make the hose shorter to fit. You can use the two 45 deg. attachments to get the proper angle to go down through the ladder to the airframe fitting, if done correctly there is no clamping needed"

Fly Safe,


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