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Bleed Air Hose

In the picture the large hose that goes from the top of the diffuser housing down to the quick disconnect at the deck bleed air manifold is the customer air hose. This hose delivers bleed air for cabin heating and to run the cooling fan for the oil coolers. The hose has an external braided cover, the internal portion that carries the hot air is also metal. If the internal flexible portion fails bleed air is lost causing the fan to slow, loss of engine performance and high turbine temperatures. Because this hose has an internal liner and operates in a hot environment it tends to harden. Many times during maintenance I have seen this hose bent and twisted to get it out of the way while other maintenance is being performed. Since these hoses internal wall is metal it can’t be bent and tucked out of the way like rubber hoses. These hoses are quite expensive and are in short supply so take care of them.

Peter Frinchaboy

Helicopter Maintenance Manager

Sacramento Metro Fire District

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