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Combustor Rumble Solution

Follow up to earlier Blog Article Combustor Rumble

Thanks to John Moore, we finally prevailed with Honeywell and they have agreed to putting a shim or shims in front of the deflector to control the gap between the deflector and combustor liner. The desirable gap is 0.050 inch and not to exceed 0.080 inch. It can be as low as 0.030 inch but fretting where the two surfaces contact will most likely occur.

The proper clearance between the 1st stage GP nozzle and 1st stage turbine has to be maintained.

In addition, Honeywell has added the dimensional location of the 1-130-255-01 combustor liner mounting brackets but with a total tolerance of 0.030 inch between the mounting brackets. It is recommended to hold the tolerance to.005 inch. Honeywell has also added the dimensional "height" of the posts but with a tolerance of 0.030 inch

The location of the mounting surface of the combustor housing posts also has an unacceptable tolerance of 0.030 inch. Again, to get proper immersion of the fuel nozzles in the combustor liner, it is recommended to hold the total tolerance of the posts to 0.005 inch. Improper immersion of the fuel nozzles into the liner can result in warpage and cracking of the combustor liner inner wall and cracking in the outer wall. It is important to control the gaps of the cooling air slots that provide cooling of the inner and outer walls.

From most recent meeting with Honeywell

Item #37 – Reduce gap between Curl and outer Combustor Skirt – ATE feels this will resolve Combustor Rumble

· Paul – Issue Service Bulletin to add shim as an option

Location of shim(s) depicted by Honeywell: T53 Deflector to Combustor OD Gap.pdf

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