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Lower Fuel Cell Floor Panels

Many lower fuel cell floor panels have been damaged in removal see attached photo.

These panels should be removed every 3 & 6 phase or at least every one to two years depending on your inspection schedule.

You need to check the condition of the cell and if you are lifting heavy internal or external loads.

With the panel removed look at the inboard rail in the area of the forward transmission wall for cracks.

This is covered in previous articles.

When installing these panels, a non-adhesive sealant should be used or none at all.

There are drain holes front and rear at the lower inside of the belly panel under the cell.

All those tie down rings swivel in the cup they are attached to. Thus allowing water to be trapped and flow in to the fuel cell cavity, thus the drains.

High adhesion sealant aggravates removal of the panels especially during colder temperatures.

These panels are made up of multiple layers top, bottom of aluminum with honeycomb in between as seen in the photo.

When these layers are separated the panels can start to debone thus losing the strength of the panel.

These are structural panels a very critical part of the overall structure remember the inner wall rail.

When that rail cracks only the floor panel takes load of holding the rail together.

Pete Frinchaboy

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