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Main Rotor Drag Brace Outer Attaching Hardware

In my travels over the years I have found MANY aircraft with the main rotor outer drag brace bolt hardware incorrectly installed.

General aircraft procedure has a washer under the head of the bolt.

This is general but not correct for the Huey. Aircraft manuals are written specifically for each aircraft and certified for that specifically for that aircraft. The Huey manual calls for no washer under the head of the head and two washers under the nut as depicted in the enclosed page from the manual.

The outboard clevis is manufactured with a recess around the bolt hole so not requiring a washer. The bolt is specific to this installation.

Like aircraft hardware it has a specific grip length. With a washer under the head it brings the bolt high enough so that the gap on the lower side where the clevis and the blade come together it puts the start of the threads at the sheer point.

This again points out that manuals to be available to those working on the UH-1 and utilized as they are meant to be. Pete Frinchaboy

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