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FAA Rotorcraft Monthly Accidents

U.S. Helicopter Safety Team,

Attached is the Rotorcraft Monthly Accident Briefing for July 2019.

Monthly Summary

July Totals: 13 accidents, 2 fatal accidents, 8 fatalities

-The 13 accidents tied with FY16 for the lowest July accident count in the last 10 years and was the second lowest for a July in the last 37 FYs (trailing only FY06, 11 accidents).

-Aerial application accidents accounted for 46% (6/13) of the July accident total.

-7 of the 8 fatalities in July were attributable to one fatal accident (AW139, Bahamas).

Cumulative FY19 Summary, Oct-Jul

FY19, Cumulative Totals: 99 accidents, 24 fatal accidents, 50 fatalities


-The estimated accident rate for Oct-Jul was 3.39 per 100K flight hours.

-The 6 aerial application accidents in July increased the Oct-Jul cumulative total for that industry enough to move into a tie with Personal/Private for the highest count (19 accidents each).

Fatal Accidents:

-The fatal accident rate for Oct-Jul decreased slightly to 0.82 per 100K flight hours but remains on pace to be the second highest rate for rotorcraft in the last 10 FYs.


-The estimated fatality rate for Oct-Jul increased from 1.62 to 1.71 per 100K flight hours due to the 8 fatalities during July.

-The 8 fatalities in July moved FY19 into a tie with the full year fatality total from FY18. Even with 2 months in the FY remaining, the total is tied for the third highest in the last 10 FYs.

Lee Roskop

Safety Management Section, AIR-682 Rotorcraft Standards Branch, Policy & Innovation Division 817-222-5337

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