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FAA Rotorcraft Accident Briefing-November 2019

U.S. Helicopter Safety Team,

Attached is the Rotorcraft Monthly Accident Briefing for November 2019.

Monthly Summary

November Totals: 5 accidents, 0 fatal accidents, 0 fatalities

-The 5 rotorcraft accidents were the lowest for a November since FY15 (also with 5 accidents). It marked only the fourth November in the last 38 FYs with 5 or less accidents during the month.

-The 5 accidents were distributed across 4 different industry sectors.

-The last November without a fatal accident was FY15. Including FY20, this was only the fifth November in the last 38 FYs without a fatal rotorcraft accident.

Cumulative FY20 Summary, Oct-Nov

FY20, Cumulative Totals: 17 accidents, 4 fatal accidents, 6 fatalities


-The estimated accident rate for Oct-Nov was 2.87 accidents per 100K flight hours.

Fatal Accidents:

-The estimated fatal accident rate for Oct-Nov was 0.68 fatal accidents per 100K flight hours.


-The estimated fatality rate through Oct-Nov was 1.01 per 100K flight hours.

Other Notes:

-All rates for 2018 were updated this month based on the FAA’s revision to the estimated rotorcraft flight hours from 2018. The estimated flight hours for 2018 decreased, so the result was a corresponding increase in the 2018 rates per 100,000 hours for accidents, fatal accidents, and fatalities.

Lee Roskop

Safety Management Section, AIR-682 Rotorcraft Standards Branch, Policy & Innovation Division 817-222-5337

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