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T53 Flow Divider 1-180-190-03


The flow divider assembly receives fuel from the fuel control, and delivers it to the main fuel

manifold through two passages.

Functional Description

- At low N1 speeds, the flow divider sends fuel through the primary system of the manifolds. - As Nl speed increases, fuel pressure increases and the flow divider opens ports to the secondary system of the main fuel manifold. The flow divider is equipped with a drain port to drain fuel from the main fuel manifolds and flow divider during engine shutdown.

• Fuel Flow Divider And Dump Valve

Directs fuel flow to the primary and secondary channels of the main fuel


• Primary Fuel Lines

Directs primary fuel to the primary channel of the main fuel manifolds

• Secondary Fuel Lines

Directs secondary fuel to the secondary channel of the main fuel manifolds

• Dump Valve Drain Line

During engine shut down, purge fuel pressure from the fuel manifolds flow

through the dump valve drain line and to the combustor drain valve body and is

directed overboard

• Combustion Chamber Drain Valve

Provides a port through which the fuel manifolds drains purged fuel overboard

Fuel leaking from the combustion chamber drain valve during an engine

operation would indicate the o-rings of the dump valve portion of the flow

divider are defective.


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