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Recent Linear Actuator Failure

One of our operators shared the following information after one of their pilots had a linear actuator failure while fighting fires in early September. Fortunately, the pilot stayed calm and was able to take the correct actions to get the aircraft on the ground safely. The following is the Safecom that details the failure, actions and results along with pictures of the linear actuator after he landed. Great Job getting the helicopter down safely Cody!

Pete's Feedback:

I have not seen that before. Looks like the moving shaft cracked allowing the pressed in internally threaded portion to disengage. On the same model actuator I have seen on the other end the bearing adapter that is held on by four screws be loose. The screws were still safetied but were very loose. In both cases it seems they were subject to some very rough handling or someone may have caught their foot on them climbing down off the roof. Can’t tell if it has internal corrosion.These same actuators are used on the OH-58’s for their N2.

WE want to hear from you if you have feedback on this issue or an issue you would like to share with the UH1 industry. Feel free to comment below or contact us at

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