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Stabilizer Bar Adjustment

I was contacted by a mechanic that found the following when removing the stabilizer bar prior to removing the main rotor hub and blades which is the subject of my next input.

First of all these aircraft are UH-1's not Bell 205's.

Even though many have been modified they were originally UH-1's and maintenance should be guided be the military manuals with corrections for later changes to the aircraft. I have heard from people and seen reports of accidents that may not have occurred had the military manuals been followed or referred to.

When removing the stabilizer bar in preparation to remove the main rotor hub and blade assembly the mechanic found that a couple of the eight bar mounting bolt heads had popped off.

This is caused by over speed, sudden stoppage or not doing the re-torques called out in the Phase check list TM 55-1520-210-PM on page 2-23 item 1. enclosed.

The military phase is 150 hours and the re-torque is every phase. also included are maintenance manual TM 55-1520-210-23-1 page 5-9 figure 5-5 page 5-54.47 figure 5-27 and page 5-66 paragraph 5-47.If operators are using other inspection guides this procedure should be added.


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