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Our main goal when building this platform was to provide resources to the UH-1 industry. We appreciate maintenance questions sent our way so we can find the answers that allow those in the industry to get on with your projects. Here is one of the questions received and answered this week that we want to share in case anyone else has this question in the future. Thank you to all the repair stations and AP mechanics who assist us in providing this service.


Looking for the DMWR, or DMWR number, for the overhaul of Rotor Brake Quill p/n 205-040-300-1.

ANSWER: I do not have the manual for that specific quill. That quill was supposed to be removed from service in its entirety (commercially at least) no later than February 1994 due to a bearing issue. It was replaced by P/N: 412-040-123-101 and all instructions for continued airworthiness were removed from circulation. If there is data out there, it is no longer current. I do agree with you though, that rotorbrake quill does not match an H model configuration. If it was indeed installed on an H model then I would suggest the owner/operator review his/her TC to make sure that the quill belongs in that aircraft. If it does, the instructions for continued airworthiness will also be listed. I have seen these come through before from a foreign military and I suspect the repair station is now holding the ball on that one now. I had one that come from Able, to me at Heliponents, and off to another shop in the process of trying to find someone to work on it. Either way, if they must have a rotorbrake quill installed, you should quote them the current replacement and leave that one in the past. Best Regards David E. Wilson Valley Aerospace LLC 2618 N OGDEN RD STE 103 MESA, AZ 85215 U.S.A. TF: 480-534-8152

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