Using the TM 55-1520-210-23P manuals

To assist those who were not military and taught how to read the TM Manuals for UH-1 Maintenance.

On the text pages that go with the diagrams the individual parts are listed. There are 10 Column’s. First is the figure number. Column 2 is the item number. Column 3 is the Code. Column 4 is the NSN Federal stock number. Column 5 is the manufacturers code ( 97499 ) is Bell. Column 6 is the part number. Column 7 is a description of the item or assembly. Column 8 shows the aircraft models that the item / items can be installed on. Column 9 shows unit of issue. Column 10 tells you the number of these items that are necessary to complete the whole assembly. Codes Column 3. The only codes that will transfer to the civilian world are the ones that start with ( M ). If the first letter is M it means Manufacture the item following letter is what level of maintenance is allowed to manufacture the item. In the civilian world it’s who has the equipment and training.

In door 1 find the slider.

In door 2 the slider is item 26 you will notice there is an item 26A in Column 3 under code for item 26A starts with M. You will notice there is no ( NSN ) Federal stock number but there is a part number. You now take this part number and go to the TM 55-1520-210-23-3 Maintenance Manual Appendix D. There are a couple of lists of part numbers in appendix D, keep looking until you find the list with that part number. It will then tell you which drawing to go to which will give you the necessary information to manufacture the item. Item 26A happens to be on the last page of appendix D. You will have to take the snap ring and bearing from the slider, if they are serviceable to install in the roller. Sometimes there is a Federal stock number and there is a code in Column 3 of (M ) this means you will still have to manufacture the part.