FAA AD 2022-07-02: Rotorcraft Tail Boom

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[Federal Register Volume 87, Number 64 (Monday, April 4, 2022)]

[Rules and Regulations]

[Pages 19369-19371]

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[FR Doc No: 2022-06973]



Federal Aviation Administration

14 CFR Part 39

[Docket No. FAA-2022-0006; Project Identifier AD-2021-01298-R;Amendment 39-21989; AD



Airworthiness Directives; Bell Textron Inc. Helicopters

AGENCY:Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT.

ACTION:Final rule.


SUMMARY:The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Bell Textron Inc.

Model 205A, 205A-1, 205B, 210, 212, 412,412CF, and 412EP helicopters with a certain part-

numbered tailboom left hand fin spar cap (spar cap) installed. This AD was prompted by reports of

cracked spar caps. This AD requires inspecting each spar cap and depending on the inspection results,

removing the spar cap fromservice. The FAA is issuing this AD to address the unsafe condition on

these products.

DATES:This AD is effective May 9, 2022.

The Director of the Federal Register approved the incorporation byreference of certain

publications listed in this AD as of May 9, 2022.

ADDRESSES:For service information identified in this final rule,contact Bell Textron, Inc., P.O.

Box 482, Fort Worth, TX 76101, United States; phone: (450) 437-2862 or (800) 363-8023; fax (450)

433-0272;email productsupport@bellflight.com; or at https://www.bellflight.com/support/contact-

support.You may view this service information at theFAA, Office of the Regional Counsel,

Southwest Region, 10101 Hillwood Pkwy., Room 6N-321, Fort Worth, TX 76177. For information

on the availability of this material at the FAA, call (817) 222-5110. It is also available at

https://www.regulations.gov by searching for and locating Docket No. FAA-2022-0006.

Examining the AD Docket

You may examine the AD docket at https://www.regulations.gov by searching for and locating

Docket No. FAA-2022-0006; or in person at Docket Operations between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday

through Friday,except Federal holidays. The AD docket contains this final rule, any comments

received, and other information. The address for Docket Operations is U.S. Department of


Transportation, Docket Operations, M-30, West Building Ground Floor, Room W12-140, 1200 New

Jersey AvenueSE, Washington, DC 20590.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:Ameet Shrotriya, Aviation SafetyEngineer,

DSCO Branch, Compliance & Airworthiness Division, FAA, 10101Hillwood Pkwy., Fort Worth,

TX 76177-1524; phone: (817) 222-5525;email: Ameet.Shrotriya@faa.gov.



The FAA issued a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) to amend 14CFR part39 by adding

an AD that would apply to certain serial-numberedBell Textron Inc. Model 205A, 205A-1, 205B,

210, 212, 412, 412CF, and412EP helicopters with a spar cap part number 212-030-447-117installed.

The NPRM published in the Federal Registeron January 21,2022 (87 FR 3244). The NPRM was

prompted by multiple reports of fatiguecracking in the spar caps. Metallurgical lab reports identified

thatthe cracks originate at the rivet holes, possibly from mechanicaldamage caused during

deburring. In the NPRM, the FAA proposed torequire inspecting each spar cap and depending on the

inspectionresults, removing the spar cap from service before further flight. TheFAA is issuing this

AD to address the unsafe condition on theseproducts.

Discussion of Final Airworthiness Directive


The FAA received no comments on the NPRM or on the determination ofthe costs.


The FAA reviewed the relevant data and determined that air safetyrequires adopting this AD as

proposed. Accordingly, the FAA is issuingthis AD to address the unsafe condition on these products.

Except forminor editorial changes, this AD is adopted as proposed in the NPRM.

Related Service Information Under 1 CFR Part 51

TheFAA reviewed the following Bell Alert Service Bulletins, eachdated April 15, 2020 (ASB):

ASB 205-20-116 for Model 205A and 205A-1 helicopters,serial numbers (S/N) 30001

through 30065, 30067 through 30165, 30167through 30187, 30189 through 30296, and

30298 through 30332;

ASB 205B-20-69 for Model 205B helicopters, S/N 30066,30166, 30188, and 30297;

ASB 210-20-13 for all serial-numbered Model 210helicopters;

ASB 212-20-162 for Model 212 helicopters, S/N 30502through 30603, 30611 through

30999, 31101 through 31311, 32101 through32142, and 35001 through 35103;

ASB 412-20-180 for Model 412 and 412EP helicopters, S/N33001 through 33213, 34001

through 34036, 36001 through 36999, 37002through 37999, 38001 through 38999, and

39101 through 39999; and

ASB 412CF-20-67 for Model 412CF helicopters, S/N 46400through 46499.

Bell received a report of a fractured fin spar cap that occurred at vertical fin station (F.S.) 71

through the first rivet hole attaching the skin to the spar cap. Bell states that if undetected, the spar

cap cracking may lead to additional structural damage. Each ASB specifies procedures for inspecting

both flanges of the spar capbetween F.S. 50 and F.S. 71 for cracks, loose rivets, and other damage


using a 10x magnifying glass and flashlight and inspecting