FAA Rotorcraft Monthly Accident Briefing - January 2021

U.S. Helicopter Safety Team,

Attached is the Rotorcraft Monthly Accident Briefing for January 2021 (fourth month of FY21).

04 FY2021 Jan
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Monthly Summary

Totals: 8 accidents, 0 fatal accidents, 0 fatalities

- There were not any fatal accidents during the month of January for the first time in 5 years (last time this occurred was FY16).

- This was sixth time in the past 39 FYs where the month of January had zero fatal accidents.

Cumulative FY21 Summary (Oct – Jan)

FY21, Totals: 27 accidents, 2 fatal accidents, 3 fatalities


- For Oct – Jan, the estimated accident rate was 2.85 per 100K hours.

- The cumulative accident count for Oct – Jan totaling 27 events is comparable to the same time period for each of the two preceding FYs (FY19 – 29 accidents, FY20 – 28 accidents).