FAA Rotorcraft Monthly Accident Briefing - June

Attached is the Rotorcraft Monthly Accident Briefing for June 2020 (75% of FY20 is complete).

Note:  Calculation of monthly

and cumulative rotorcraft safety rates resumed this month based on estimates of COVID-19 flight hour reductions for March, April, and May.

09 FY2020 Jun
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Monthly Summary

Totals:  12 accidents, 3 fatal accidents, 5 fatalities

-25% of the accidents during the month occurred during agricultural aerial application flights.

Cumulative FY20 Summary, Oct-Jun

FY20, Cumulative Totals:  64 accidents, 16 fatal accidents, 37 fatalities


-The Oct-Jun total accident count of 64 was the lowest for that time period for the 38 FYs on record. The next closest cumulative count for Oct-Jun was 74 in FY15.

-The estimated accident rate was 3.00 per 100K hours and would be the lowest of the 10 years currently being tracked if it continues to the end of the FY.

Fatal Accidents:

-The Oct-Jun total fatal accident count of 16 was 6 events lower than the same timeframe in FY19 (22 fatal accidents).

-The estimated fatal accident rate was 0.75 per 100K hours. While comparable to the full year rates for both FY18 (0.79) and FY19 (0.80), it lags six of the most recent 10 years (rates ranging from 0.5 to 0.62).

-25% of the accidents that occurred so far in the FY were fatal, no change from Oct-May and still trending above the recent historical averages of 16-17%.