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Connecting Links Inspection

Back in late 1976 the military came out with TB 55-1500-219-20-6 to inspect the connecting links P/N’s 204-076-267-1 & 3 & 5 ( the parts that connect the cyclic and collective servos ) to the swashplate and collective levers.

We had to remove every one ( 26 UH-1’s ) remove both the clevises and links from the servos and inspect them internally for rust. Replace any that had any corrosion.

If you are not my age and were in the Army at that time you probably would not know that this inspection existed.

I am enclosing a photo of a recently removed link that has heavy corrosion on the lower end, as you can see the threads that were engaged with the servo look good.

If you remove only the upper clevis and look down the inside of the tube with a strong light, you would not see this corrosion.

This link was sealed on both ends as the book requires and when removed water ran out. I have seen a number of these links in this condition over the years. A good maintenance project.

My contact information is E-mail at or phone 916-837-9437 if any one wants clarification on any of my posts. Peter Frinchaboy

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