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UH-1 Tail Rotor Pitch Change

The Tail Rotor Pitch Change has the short manual inspection criteria for the pitch change housing ( Quill ) 204-010-775-3 and the Pitch Change Rod 204-010-742-9 ( shaft/tube ). There are more detailed instructions in the manual.

The photos enclosed are a visual of what BAD parts look like. Photo (Below) has more wear in the center of the housing. This housing was controlling Vanhorn Blades, they need less pitch change because they are more efficient.

Photo ( 204-010-775-3 b )the housing has a longer more even though too much wear and was controlling standard tail rotor blades which require more travel. In the close-up look at the teeth look at the end of the tooth ( unworn ) then look in toward the center of the tooth. These teeth are worn beyond half way.

When inspecting these parts think about when you will look at them again. When worn this much the wear will accelerate and will it make it to the next inspection. If they wear to the point that they disengage there will be a loss of tail rotor control.

The inspection requires removal & disassembly of the quill assembly. The Quill Housing is made of aluminum and will wear first. The Shaft/rod is made of steel and will last longer, they do not have to be replaced in pairs.

Do not grease these parts, they are lubed by the gearbox oil. Greasing parts that do not call for it only contaminates the oil. Do not lube the control chain as it only collects dirt and accelerates wear. Read and follow the book. Pete Frinchaboy

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